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Health Series Webinars

Mexico Insurance Advisors is happy to announce our Health Series Webinars for Expats that are moving to Mexico or already live here. The webinars are designed to assist English-speaking Expats to be better prepared for life in Mexico.

In our first Webinar on Health Care & Insurance in Mexico we will discuss:

·        How health care is different in Mexico.

·        Tips on how to be prepared for a medical emergency.

·        Public & Private health care options

·        Private health insurance – how it works.

·        Travel Insurance – what you need to know.

·        And much more.

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Peace of Mind

is a community service project dedicated to raising awareness among snowbirds, tourists and foreign residents of Mexico on How to Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies in Mexico. The project came about as a result of our insurance clients expressing misunderstandings of how medical care and hospitalization services work in Mexico. The project aims to educate snowbirds and expats in Mexico on the differences between public and private health care systems as well as prepare individuals for unforeseen medical emergencies. 

Our seminars are an important tool for newcomers, snowbirds, & long-term residents of San Miguel de Allende. The seminars cover these topics: 

  1. How Private Medical Care compares to Public Health Services.

  2. What differences in care exist between the Public and the Private Hospitals.

  3. Why having a local doctor is so important in a medical emergency.

  4. What the Mexican Red Cross needs from callers to respond effectively in a medical emergency.

  5. What legal documents are important to have in a medical crisis.

Seminars are delivered by Melanie Lansing and a panel of local medical & legal experts including: Dr. Robert Maxwell, Sonia Diaz, Leticia Fernandez, Dr. Juan Antonio Hernández, Mariana Salas, Magdalena Ríos, Ana Elena Andrade, Dr. Claudia Aguilar.

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