Health Insurance in Mexico – Things to Consider

Health insurance plans are available in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende, and throughout Mexico. Although many people focus on cost and the bottom line; there are many other variables which are as important or even more important than the price.

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Moving to San Miguel de Allende – Five Preparation Tips

Many newcomers in San Miguel move here on a whim after little or no experience , SO Before you make a home investment or rental decision, plan a trip to San Miguel to familiarize yourself with what the city has to offer. Come down for one to three months and spend time exploring different neighborhoods on foot. Talk to full-time English-speaking residents & Mexicans about the pros and cons of the “colonias” (neighborhoods) they live in.

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Melanie Lansing
Life in Mexico – Tips for Newcomers

When expats come to live in Mexico they often have their own ideas about the culture, people, & how things work. Many get tips from other English-speaking expats who have lived here for a long time without forming their own experiences. What many don´t realize is that their dominant culture can and often does dictate their perception of how services & interpersonal relationships work in Mexico.

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