Fun Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende

The best thing you can do in San Miguel is to go to El Jardin  (the town square). Free public, cultural events are offered there continuously. The main kiosk turns into a danzón and salsa dance floor on Sunday´s.   Mojigangas, giant dancing puppet figures, can be seen exuding their delight around the square.

Another popular activity in El Jardin is to people watch. It is a very colorful sight to observe the locals, tourists, expats, and burros (donkeys) passing by.  I suggest going at different times during the day and week.  In the mornings the Jardin is referred to as “The Gringos’ Lounge” because a lot of the older expats sit in the park benches and chat with their newspapers in hand. In the afternoons, you will find more Mexican families and couples in the Jardin. Going to the Jardin is really a wonderful place to experience life in San Miguel while you take in the beauty of the parroquia (the main church) and the sights and smells of the local businesses.

San Miguel is best known for its festivals, fairs, celebrations, music concerts, and art festivals. There is something going on here every weekend. A good resource for activities is the La Atencion newspaper and the Que Pasa calendar of events section. You can find a variety of things to do in San Miguel: music concerts, art walks at the Fabrica La Aurora galleries, book readings, church services, patron saint celebrations, motorcycle club meetings, and local plays. There is always so much going on and so much to choose from.   Here are a couple of links to local activities & events in San Miguel de Allende:

Melanie Lansing