Health Insurance in Mexico – The Quality of Mexican Doctors & Private Hospitals

People who are moving to Mexico frequently ask about the quality of private health care services in Mexico.  This brief summation highlights answers to questions that have been asked on the subject.

1. Doctors

Many Mexican doctors receive their specialty degrees or medical training in the US, and therefore speak English fluently.  Quite a few practice medicine in the US and Mexico.  The majority are highly trained and experienced board certified professionals.

Mexican doctors offer the following services:

  • They spend quality time with & listen to their patients.

  • They take cell phone calls from their patients.

  • They make house calls.

  • They assist patients with coordinating specialty medical care.

  • They respond to medical emergencies.

2. Hospitals

Mexico also has excellent hospitals and has made great strides in patient care. Today, Mexico has over 10 JCI-accredited hospitals (Joint Commission International is known for its international accreditation awarded to medical facilities that meet the golden standard in healthcare.).

Forbes´ article on “The Globes Best Hospitals” noted that Mexico’s private health care facilities have made huge improvements over the years. Mexican hospitals, including Angeles Group, Star Médica and Christus Muguerza, have consolidated and enhanced medical standards in their facilities. ABC Hospital in Mexico City, on Forbes´ list of best hospitals in the world, was mentioned as the top medical facility in Mexico.
Most private hospitals in Mexico have:

  • Modern facilities with the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

  • Professionally trained & certified staff.

  • English-speaking staff.