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Understanding how health care, medical services, and emergency response work in Mexico can present a challenge to some English-speaking expats.

To assist in this process, Mexico Insurance Advisors has created Peace of Mind educational webinars & seminars for tourists, snowbirds and foreign residents of Mexico.

Peace of Mind´s events are designed to assist English-speaking Expats to be better prepared for life in Mexico. They benefit people who are moving to Mexico, visiting Mexico as well as those who live here.

Peace of Mind educational topics include:

  • Health Care in Mexico

  • Important Legal Documents in Mexico

  • Medicare in Mexico

  • Medical Emergency Preparedness

These seminars and webinars assist both people who are moving to Mexico, visiting Mexico as well as those who live here.

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Webinar Topics Include:

  • Public Health Care options: IMSS & Seguro Popular

  • Is medical care in Mexico really cheap?

  • Stories of Expats´ medical emergencies in Mexico.

  • Mistakes to Avoid.

  • What about Medicare in Mexico?

  • Private health insurance.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Difference between Travel & Full Cover health plans.

Date: Saturday, July 13
Time: 1:00pm Pacific, 3:00pm Central, 4:00pm Eastern Time.
Duration: 1 hour

PAID Peace of Mind Webinar: Health Care Tool Kit for Expats

  • How to be prepared for Medical Emergencies

  • Scripts to use in a Medical Emergency

  • Tips for finding the right doctor & what to avoid.

  • How health insurance works – from an agent´s perspective.

  • Access to specialty medications.

  • What to do about pre-existing conditions.

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